November daytona to new smyrna beach fishing

November Daytona to New Smyrna fishing forecast inshore 2014

We have finally had the first real cold front push through and it has dropped the water temps into the low 60s to upper 50s and with it the Red fishing has turned on . With very clear water the sight casting is at its best and they have been very agressive crushing artificial baits . On the less agressive feeds live shrimp properly placed will usually be inhaled . One other great fact with the cooler water temps is the fish are fighting like crazy making long drag screaming runs . Over the next two months the reds should start to school up creating large pushes on the flats and eating everything in their path . If planning a trip out on the water and you see a major cold front try and plan your trip a few days after it for the most agressive fish but plan on dressing in layers .
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Capt. Mike Mann
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