November mosquito lagoon fishing forecast 2014

Well we are only a couple weeks away from November and the weather has been amazing . We are starting to get into the 60s and even some 50s at night which is cooling the water off and really turning the fish on . With the north winds the water is getting low and starting to make tailing red fish much easier to find and catch . Best bet for catching the tailing reds sight catching is either a live large shrimp or this time of year gulp shrimp in the 3 inch size works really well . I like to rig them with either a weedless twistlock hook or a 3/0 live bait hook through the tail . Early in the morning and on cloudy days top water baits are still very effective around the bait balls and drop edges . This is an exciting time to come out on the mosquito lagoon and catch some great fish this is also some of the best fly fishing we have .
Catching Fat ones going skinny
Capt. Mike Mann